“The freedom to come and go as I please” – Ros

Mirage lower level blue chair

Ros Morton was in tears six months after she and her husband Stuart moved into their new two-storey home in Rosebud, Victoria.

Yes, there were the amazing views of Port Phillip Bay and the sun setting slowly on the horizon. And yes, they were excited to be close to their son and his family in Mount Eliza and all the Peninsula had to offer after relocating from Mooroolbark (Edna Walling territory). But there was one major problem preventing Ros from enjoying any of it.

"I'd had a full hip replacement and was having problems rehabilitating. I was in this fabulous house and thinking what have we done? How am I ever going to navigate the stairs? I could barely drag myself up from ground level let alone carry shopping or washing from one floor to the other. We were seriously considering another move."

The Morton’s main living area is on the top floor of their Rosebud home - ideal for drinks on the deck and sighting ships in the distance, but not so great if you are physically challenged. “I had to rely on Stuart to do all the lifting which was difficult because he was going through his own medical treatment at the time. We were in trouble. I felt trapped. I’ve always been active and involved in community life, but had no chance of connecting with anyone because I couldn’t get in and out of the house easily and the thought of moving again was more than either of us could bare.”

The solution?
“RESiLIFT!”, answers Ros. “A friend found The Residential Lift Company brochure at The Home Show. I was considering installing a stairlift, but it was unsightly and too big for our stair-well. We viewed a RESiLIFT® in Ringwood and as soon as I saw it I realised my life was about to change. Another expensive re-location was off the agenda. It was installed extremely quickly.”

Mirage, With person,

“The RESiLIFT® is an Australian designed and manufactured innovation. Patented by the Residential Lift Company, it is specifically designed for ease of use and accessibility in residential settings. It is free-standing, has no shaft and requires minor building alterations - plus it plugs into a standard domestic outlet. Available in a range of colours (and with optional add-ons), the RESiLIFT® makes real financial sense. The Morton’s ‘Mirage’ two-person lift is compact and fits neatly into the side of their living room while blending seamlessly with their modern décor.
“Visitors can’t find it on first glance”, laughs Ros. “It looks as if it was built with the house. It has also enabled our friends with physical limitations to visit us easily.”
“The RESiLIFT® has given me the freedom to come and go as I please”, she continues. Ros keeps active with babysitting, book club and is secretary of the VIEW Club. “I feel useful again and can do all the domestic duties I used to.”

“My independence and confidence has been completely restored. Thanks to RESiLIFT®.”

[First published in the Mornington Peninsula Paper]