The inspiration for designing the Miracle  RESiLIFT® was to cater for people who need a walker.   It comes with either one or two entrances and can even be reduced where space is limited.

The Miracle RESiLIFT® has an option of a dual entry to allow you to enter from one end and exit in a forward direction at the other end.  If holding onto a walker, you would just walk through.

Below you can see a Miracle  RESiLIFT® in a booth at the upper level.

Miracle RESiLIFT lift


The RESiLIFT® can almost fit anywhere in your home.  Depending on your floorplan and space available, it can be installed in these four ways:

  • Straight against a wall
  • In a stairwell with a 'Juliet Balcony'
  • In a built-in booth

See the gallery below to see a variety of installation options.

Miracle Lift upstairs 2 people


The Miracle RESiLIFT® is available with a single or dual entry

  • The depth required is 1050mm and width 1040mm
  • Standard domestic powerpoint (240 volt single phase 10 amp)
  • Options include a grab rail and fold-down seat
  • Optional pit depth of 120mm so that lift floor is level with the lower floor.

Contact us for more detailed specifications.

Miracle Resilift fireplace residential lift
Most Affordable
Most Affordable
Safe and Easy to Use
Safe & Easy to Use
Manufactured in Australia
Manufactured in Australia
High Quality
Compact Design
Compact Design
Most Affordable
Add Value to Your Home


For over a decade we have been perfecting our lift to ensure that our customers enjoy all the benefits that our lift offers

RESiLIFT® is manufactured in Australia from quality parts by the Residential Lift Company who is the patent holder.

RESiLIFT® is the original freestanding residential elevator. This means that it does not require a shaft, reducing the impact on the building and minimising any building modifications associated with installing a lift.

The RESiLIFT® includes a safety barrier which ensures that once the operator is more than 1 meter from the ground there is a barrier preventing them from falling.

The doorless quality of RESiLIFT®increases accessibility, reliability and safety; it is not possible to become trapped inside.

Peter van Emmerik who designed the innovative RESiLIFT® is still actively involved in product development within the business which means you have the latest improvements.

Because the lift is made locally, it can be supplied quickly or if desired, customised to your unique requirements, such as modifying the depth of the car.




Margot & Trevor Ling, Miracle RESiLIFT owner, Armadale, Melbourne

“It’s such a relief! Now we know we can stay in our home! We love it!”

Rhonda A, Miracle owner McCrae, VIC

The RESiLIFT® looks like part of our home and blends into our décor. People just don’t realise it is there. It is so unobtrusive. We are very happy with the product, the professionalism of the company and the people who installed it.


Fully Australian owned and made, easy to install, and requiring very little maintenance or servicing, enquire about affordable home elevators today with RESiLIFT.