ELEVATE round mountain LOGO with RYP strap


15-17th July

We are delighted to announce ELEVATE our Distributor conference this year.  The conference will focus on how to make your distributorship more successful.



RACV Hobart Apartment Hotel



ELEVATE Launch Dinner  - Sunday 14th July 

6-9pm at RACV Hobart Apartment Hotel Dining Room


Day 1Distributors Day - Monday 15th July

The first day of the conference is only open to distributors.  On this day we will be focused on distributorship and business issues.

Session 1: Distributor and corporate updates

Session 2: How to make your distributorship more successful

Session 3: Marketing Strategy presentation


Day 2 – Sales Day - Tuesday 16th July

The second day of the conference is focused on sales and marketing.  The sessions are open to anyone involved with sales.  Throughout the day there will be a photoshoot for all staff.

Session 1: Generating more quality enquiries

Session 2: Increasing sales through understanding the customer experience

Session 3: Offsite activity

Session 4: The customer journey


Day 3 Installation Day - Wednesday 17th July

The third day of the conference is specifically designed for RESiLIFT installers.

Session 1: Product development updates

Session 2: Offsite factory visit

Session 3: Review, consolidate and Q & A

Conference ends


Day 4 - New Distributors Day (Optional Extension) -Thursday 18th July

Open to new distributors for induction. This day will include a visit to Launceston and an opportunity for Q & A.