RESiLIFT® is designed to allow people to stay in their double storey home when stairs become difficult to navigate.

It is primarily designed for people who struggle on stairs, or for when heavy or bulky items need to be moved within the home safely.

User safety is our foremost priority. RESiLIFT® is an operator-controlled residential elevator for private use and comes equipped with many safety features.


RESiLIFT® is the original through-floor elevator. This means the lift does not require a shaft and has less impact on the home,  especially when retrofitted.

It can easily fit most into almost any established home or added to floor plans for a new home.

It also means that the lift is almost invisible, especially when on the other level. And, as the lift is electric, it is very quiet and reliable, which is a great advantage compared to hydraulic and other lift styles.

RESiLIFT’s simple design and engineering enhance reliability and safety when used according to instructions.


Safety Barrier

Where the lower ceiling height is greater than two metres, a safety barrier is installed to limit the risk of fall. This is a fixed guard across the entry of the lift, from the lower ceiling down to two metres above the floor level.

A safety barrier is not necessary where there is a bulkhead or external door in front of the lift on the lower level.

Continuous pressure operating buttons

RESiLIFT® has a control panel inside the lift car and two remote controls for calling the lift when it is on the other level. The travel buttons require continuous pressure to be applied for the lift to move. This allows the operator full control of the lift’s movement.

The lift will stop at any time the travel button is released and resume travel again when it is pressed.

Isolating Key

The key must be switched to ON to enable the lift. The key is removable allowing you to control when and who can use it.

Entry Sensors

There are light beams across the entrance to ensure that it is safe for the lift to travel. If anything obstructs the light beams, the lift will not move.

Lighting Inside of Lift

Overhead LED lights automatically illuminate the lift on entering, during operation and briefly after exiting the lift. This ensures that the lift is well lit and allows you to see clearly while using the lift and getting in and out of the lift. In the event of a power outage the light stays on.

Safety Lid

When the lift is on the lower level, the safety lid covers the opening in the upper-level floor to prevent any object falling through

Pressure sensitive sensors

When moving downwards, the safety pan detects if lift travel is obstructed from below. The pressure sensitive switches stop the lift from travelling further down until the obstruction is removed.
Likewise, if there is something on the safety lid, the pressure sensitive sensors will stop the lift travelling upwards until the object is removed.

Travel Proximity Sensor (Upper and Lower)

Proximity sensors and induction plates positioned to ensure the lift does not travel past the desired stopping point.

Troubleshooting indicator

If the lift is not operating as expected, a troubleshooting light on the control panel helps diagnose the cause. Most stoppages occur because a safety sensor has activated and can easily be resolved by the operator. If necessary to call our 24/7 customer center, most issues are resolved over the phone using the trouble shooting light and the owner’s guide.

Gripper System

The gripping device is a secondary braking system that prevents the lift from falling should the primary form of suspension fail. This device engages automatically, if required.

Lift Safety During Power Outage

In the event of a power outage during operation of the lift, the lift will stop and hold its position. The battery backup will keep the light inside the lift to remain lit. The lift can be lowered by the operator using a manual evacuation device with care. Once down, the lift will not travel up until power is restored. Anyone who would rely on the lift to evacuate the home in an emergency, should ensure the lift is on the upper level whenever they are on the upper level.


New RESiLIFT®s include a grabrail for increased stability of anyone in the lift. If you would like one fitted to your existing lift, please contact your distributor to discuss retrofitting one.

Fold-down Seats

If you are unable to stand for the less than 30 seconds of travel, Fold-down seats can be retrofitted, Please contact your distributor to discuss.



A RESiLIFT® is a machine that is designed to be operated by a competent adult, trained in accordance with the Owner’s Manual.

Guests should be accompanied in the lift or shown how to use it correctly. Children should never use a RESiLIFT® without adult supervision.

RESiLIFT® is not suitable for people prone to fainting or who are visually or intellectually impaired to use on their own.

In these scenarios, we recommend that the lift be turned to OFF and the key removed, unless you are able to supervise it effectively.

If you purchase a house which has a RESiLIFT®, please contact the local distributor to check that it is in good working order and receive your free safe use training.