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Leone Pearson from Interfloor Access is the authorised RESiLIFT® distributor in Western Australia.

Having observed the decline in mobility of aging family members, Leone was determined to assist in enabling them to stay in their two-storey home. When she researched inter-floor options for her family, other than a stair-climber, there was little that could accommodate their needs. Once she discovered RESiLIFT®, and experience first hand the life-changing result for her family, she was so delighted in the outcome that she joined the business!

Now Leone delights in assisting many people to stay in their two-storey homes successfully as a local distributor in Western Australia.

Interfloor Access

Servicing all of Western Australia

Showroom and Factory - 15 Resource Way, Mallaga 6090, WA.

T: 0412 196 372 or 08 9276 6060

E: leone@resilift.com.au


Vicki S, Mirage owner, Tasmania

This RESiLIFT is the best thing to have happened to me! Great for me carrying the groceries and wood!

Romina & Les G, Miracle owner, Mt Eliza, VIC.

It’s absolutely wonderful! For the first time in 12 years of living in this home, it is all on one level; we don’t have to use the stairs to get around our home!

Sylvia and Ian H, Miracle owner, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Thanks to you and installation team (Phil and Adrian) on the excellent result achieved with this project. We believe this project outside the existing home is not common with most lifts being internal. We are delighted with the result.

Margaret G, Miracle Max owner, Kerang, VIC

“Wonderful product. Wonderful company. Resilift would have to be the best run company that I have had the pleasure to deal with. Service was excellent prompt and delivered with enthusiasm. After sales service was the same. Wishing this family run business all the best for a long and productive future”

Brian & Margaret M, NSW.

Many thanks for the commemorative key ring — it sits proudly on the safety key in our lift, which by the way still gives us yeoman service.

Wes and Madeleine B, Mirage owner, Dodges Ferry, TAS

Congratulations on the sale of 1000 lifts! If all of your customers are as happy as we are, then you’ll have 1000 satisfied customers!

Alf and Val, Miracle owner, Yamba, Northern NSW

Alf never used the stair climber and now since his knee operation, Alf can’t use the stair climber at all. So we are now thrilled that we can both use our new RESiLIFT safely.

Rosemary & Allen, Mirage owner, Brisbane, QLD

We future-proofed our home and now it is so much easier to get our groceries upstairs.


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