Margery Jensen from Residential Lift Company Tasmania is the authorised RESiLIFT® distributor in Tasmania. Margery is the daughter of Peter van Emmerik, the RESiLIFT® inventor and purchased the Tasmanian distributorship in 2017.

Margery has been on the journey from inception, lift design and development right through to where RESiLIFT® is today and manages the manufacturing of lifts as part of the Corporate team.

In Tasmania, we provide a ‘one-stop’ installation experience using our contract builders who only undertake RESiLIFT® building works, and qualified electricians who undertake the installation of the lift giving customers a smooth experience.

Authorised RESiLIFT Distributor trading as The Residential Lift Company Tasmania

Showroom - 1/23a Patriarch Drive, Huntingfield
Please ring for Showroom appointment

Sales Manager - Joe Carver

T: 0414 923 486
E: [email protected]

Joe can answer any of your questions and travels regularly across Tasmania to assist with sales queries and finding potential locations for the lift at a customers’ property.

Margery with her sister Erica, RESiLIFT's Melbourne Distributor.
Margery with her sister Erica, RESiLIFT's Melbourne Distributor.

"I understand the desire of people who are ageing to stay in their two-storey home safely and remain independent.  I am also delighted our customers' adult children are comforted knowing the danger of their parents falling down the stairs has been eliminated."

Margery Jensen - Authorised RESiLIFT® Distributor


We welcome you to visit our showroom.  Please call prior to arrange an appointment to avoid disappointment as often our staff are attending to customers.

At the showroom you can see and experience a fully operating Mirage RESiLIFT® and a Miracle Max RESiLIFT®.

Miracle Max RESiLIFT® at Showroom- Lower Level
Showroom - Please call for an appointment
Showroom in Tasmania - Upper Level


Vicki S, Mirage RESiLIFT owner, Tasmania.

This RESiLIFT is the best thing to have happened to me! Great for me carrying the groceries and wood!

Romina & Les G, Miracle owner, Mt Eliza, VIC.

It’s absolutely wonderful! For the first time in 12 years of living in this home, it is all on one level; we don’t have to use the stairs to get around our home!

Margot & Trevor Ling, Miracle RESiLIFT owner, Armadale, Melbourne

“It’s such a relief! Now we know we can stay in our home! We love it!”