Elevation Creations is the authorised RESiLIFT® distributor for Victoria. In 2013, Elevation Creations was set up by Erica Collins, the daughter of Peter van Emmerik, the RESiLIFT® inventor.

Erica has been on the journey from inception, lift design and development right through to where RESiLIFT® is today.

EC Office Staff - March 2018

She oversaw the first sale in Victoria in 2005, and continues to be involved at the local distributor level as well as supporting distributors around Australia as part of the Head Office team.

Erica's husband, Ashley, joined the team in 2018 and together they enjoy seeing the convenience and safety lift brings to customers’ homes.

Elevation Creations Pty Ltd, trading as The Residential Lift Company (Victoria)

Servicing  Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington, and Regional Victoria within 100km from Melbourne.

Sales Manager - Ashley Collins

T: 0413 530 475


Factory: 2/893 Wellington Road, Rowville

Shortly we will have another showroom as part of our factory which will have a full working Miracle Max RESiLIFT. Stay tuned.

Ashley Profile headshot



We were thrilled to have internationally renowned chef Gabriel Gaté enjoying our lift at the RESiLIFT showroom launch in Melbourne.

We have two showrooms for you to visit, one with a Mirage and the other with a Miracle model. Contact us to talk about which is the best showroom for you depending on the size of lift you're interested in and your location.

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Margot & Trevor Ling, Miracle RESiLIFT owner, Armadale, Melbourne

“It’s such a relief! Now we know we can stay in our home! We love it!”

Rhonda A, Miracle owner McCrae, VIC

The RESiLIFT® looks like part of our home and blends into our décor. People just don’t realise it is there. It is so unobtrusive. We are very happy with the product, the professionalism of the company and the people who installed it.

June & Tiffany D, Mirage owner, Port Melbourne, VIC

We were looking at having to sell our two story home due health problems for my daughter and myself. The cost involved and the mental stress was more than I could deal with so we set about looking for an alternative. RESiLIFT® gave us the perfect solution for probably a lot less than the stamp […]

Ros & Stuart M, Mirage owner, Rosebud, VIC

I’m very grateful to the Residential Lift company, for this simple, attractive, reasonably priced lift, which has given me back my independence.


"It's such a delight empowering people to stay in their homes safely.  I'm proud of my Dad's invention which truly pioneered residential lifts, making them accessible to all Australians.  It's a privilege to work in a family business.

Erica Collins, Authorised RESiLIFT® Distributor, Melbourne and Regional Victoria.



Retirement is an ideal time to prepare for the next fulfilling season of our lives – and one of the most important decisions to make is whether to stay in the home you’ve grown to love, or move on. Don’t make that call until you’ve considered all the options. Retirement is an ideal time to prepare for the next fulfilling season of our lives – and one of the most important decisions to make is whether to stay in the home you’ve grown to love, or move on. Don’t make that call until you’ve considered all the options. There are many factors that play into such a major life decision – proximity to the grandchildren, how connected you are to the local community, or even how physically challenging navigating a large house can become after a while. But one thing is for sure: you no longer have to leave your two-storey home just because of the stairs. That’s right; what may have been an insurmountable barrier for many of us a decade ago is no longer, thanks to RESiLIFT. RESiLIFT is a residential lift that can be easily installed into existing or new homes. The clever Australian design was the…

Transitioning into the next phase of retirement, there’s a crucial decision that must come first: to stay in your beloved home or start looking for other options. Thankfully RESiLIFT has given people a good reason to stay after creating the perfect solution to steep stairs and ageing joints. Whether it be carrying the laundry, suitcases or awkward objects, moving safely between floors is now possible. Architect, Jegi Jager, from CPS Project Management says “it just makes sense to incorporate a RESiLIFT into your house, whether you are renovating or designing a new home”. “Australians have to move away from this idea of single-level dwellings” he explains. “Some people associate lifts with ageing, but in 2020 that is not the case. There are many reasons you might need to use a lift, irrespective of your age. All two-level homes in the future need to provide a safe and convenient way to travel between floors.” “Land is expensive, but we need green space around our homes. It is important for our wellbeing to be able to get outside and enjoy some light and green, so the only solution is to go up.” “This is the future. I would never build or plan…

Pictured above is a Miracle RESiLIFT® The RESiLIFT® was specifically designed so people could safely stay in their two-story or split-level home and eliminate the danger of stairs and at the same time offer the most affordable home elevators on the market. Invented by Tasmanian Engineer Peter van Emmerik, the award-winning RESiLIFT® remains to be Australia’s most affordable and reliable home elevator. “I designed this elevator so people could stay safely in the home they love,” says Peter. “It saves time, effort and money that would otherwise be wasted moving home. It also removes the emotional anguish of being uprooted from your family home.” There are numerous RESiLIFT® safety features. Firstly, the home elevator operates with continuous pressure, giving the operator complete control of the journey for the whole way. There is also an isolating key to turn off the entire home elevator unit in case there are occasions that you would like to stop the elevator from being used (perhaps when the grandkids are over?!). The shaftless design means a safety lid covers the upstairs opening when the elevator is on the lower floor. There are pressure sensitive safety surfaces which stop the elevator if there is an obstruction…